Learn 9 Things You Can Do With Reclaimed Bricks From Your Business

By | March 19, 2017

Do you have a stack of reclaimed bricks laying around? There’s a number of reasons why this might have happened. An old fence or structure might have started falling down, and you decided to keep the bricks for a future project. They could have become available during a home improvement project, demo, or renovation. You might have even taken them off a neighbour’s hands when they wound up with them. Perhaps, the stack has been sitting there so long you honestly can’t remember where they came from, or they were just extras that came with the house or property you call home.

Still, if you’re going to not let them go to waste, and especially if you want to reclaim the space they currently consume, then you need to do something with them. Here’s 9 ideas you can use:

1) Build a fireplace or accent piece inside your home: Bricks are sturdy and last a long time. That makes them ideal for use around a fireplace or in a kitchen for a contrasting look or pop of earth tones to complement existing decor.

2) Put up a fence: If you have enough reclaimed bricks, you can slap them together to make a fence for part or all of your yard. Even a small stack can create an outdoor closet to block off unsightly yard tools or your mower.

3) Make a doghouse: Have a four-legged friend that spends time outdoors? Build him a little castle sure to stand up to the elements and his shenanigans.

4) Mark off a garden: Bricks surrounding a patch of plants you put in the soil provide a barrier that is tall enough for folks to trip over, so they’ll keep their distance. The color will still look relatively natural though.

5) Line a pathway: Likewise, you can use bricks to line the sides of a walkway, or possibly even submerge them and create one.

6) Bulk up your mailbox support: If you’re tired of your mailbox just hanging off a wooden post, or if that post is not standing up to time (and contact), then build a brick tower to give a truly sturdy set up people will respect.

7) Give them away: If you have any friends, family, coworkers, or other social contacts talking about home improvement, particularly in their yards, just ask if they need reclaimed bricks. It’s amazing how often people take something free even if they’re not sure they’ll use it right away.

8) Sell them: Depending on the state of them, you might be able to offload them at a flea market or online auction. Shipping can be a pain though.

9) Donate them: If all else fails, donate them to a school art class or a play group that might be set building.

Leaving a stack of unused reclaimed bricks around is not always a good idea. Plants can grow through them, small animals might call them home, the bottoms can discolor, and they might even prove dangerous for playing children that find them. Use these 9 ideas to find ways to put them to good use.