What To Think About When Running An Emergency Plumbing Business

By | September 3, 2018

plumber smilingWhen did you start your emergency plumbing business? Perhaps you have yet to open for business, and you are trying to get everything ready to go. You need a group of employees that are highly-trained and experienced to handle plumbing issues on the fly. Are you going to be out on the job as well. Wherever you will be, you’re going to need to have all the necessary resources in place to stay in communication with your team.

A good emergency plumbing company is going to have an office and a person who handles taking customer calls and scheduling appointments. That person is the backbone of your business, and he or she needs to be able to handle the dispatching work, too. You may even want more than one person at the office handling duties there, especially if your plumbing business gets really busy.

It was mentioned a minute ago that you need all the resources in place for communication purposes. You also need all the equipment necessary to handle all types of plumbing emergencies. Do you have company trucks, too? Consumers are told to look for marked vehicles when hiring plumbing professionals and any type of contractors, so you’re going to want to be sure your vehicles look professional.

Vehicle magnets will do, but you’re going to need a vehicle that is large enough to transport plumbing equipment from place to place, and one that looks professional. Do you already have that type of vehicle, or do you need to get one? Also, if you plan on taking plenty of calls, you might need more than one vehicle. How many employees are you going to be starting out with?

You’re also going to need someone to keep the books, unless that’s going to be you. You need to instruct the plumbing professionals you hire about taking payments, too. You need to consider what all is going to be necessary in order to have the right response time for homeowners.

Now, are you going to handle only residential plumbing emergencies, or are you going to be taking care of commercial plumbing emergencies as well? And if you handle commercial plumbing emergencies, on what scale are you prepared to respond? Those are questions you need to be asking yourself for sure.

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Another aspect of your business that you need to think about is how you are going to have people set up to respond after hours. During the daytime, you’re going to focus on a fast response and handling emergencies. Yet who are you going to put in charge of the business after hours and the customer response?

If you start out with a low volume of after hour calls, you might take on that responsibility yourself, freeing up a dispatcher from having to be on call for low volume. Yet it really depends on how you want to handle your operations. It can also depend on how busy you are and what you have going on yourself after hours. You will have to make whatever decisions are best for your business.